The animal within: exploring the use of digital media

Maggie Garrard

on Saturday, 21 May 2011 16:40 - 17:25 in room Room 02

The Animalia Teaching Resource developed by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) uses digital media from the TV animation series, to support primary teachers in exploring concepts and issues of civics and citizenship, values and identity. The TV series is based on the picture book, Animalia by Graeme Base.

In this resource you will find more than 100 teaching activities and related student activity sheets based on the e5 teaching framework; 12 episodes and 39 embedded clips related to the teaching activities that you can view; an interactive game for students to learn about leadership, relationships and problem solving.

This presentation examines how Kahootz 3.0 can link with ACTF resources such as Animalia to provide educators with a 3D digital animation program that can cater for children’s diverse contemporary learning needs, styles and paces, and also gives students an opportunity to create and express themselves with the use of a contemporary medium. Educators will be able to witness how this tool can assist in creating evidence based assessment in the areas of, civics and citizenship, values, the arts, english, thinking processes, authoring, critical analysis, and creative composition.

The Australian Children’s Television Foundation is dedicated to improving student engagement through the use of new media and new communication technologies. This presentation will allow participants the opportunity to view case studies as examples of how the ACTF products help motivate, inspire and engage students with meaningful, authentic, creative and challenging learning experiences.

All delegates attending this session must bring and ensure:

Maggie Garrard

Education Consultant

Australian Children's Television Foundation

Maggie Garrard has experience in developing educational policy for Victorian schools in the areas of curriculum, assessment and reporting. Maggie has also previously worked as a secondary drama teacher and primary classroom teacher. She has worked with teachers in developing professional development for The Arts domain. Maggie has also developed resource materials for schools to use in the areas of contemporary 21st learning and teaching and associated evidence based assessment.

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